A Japanese Grand Prix Experience

It’s probably not much of a surprise that I’m not the world’s biggest Formula 1 fan. However the opportunity to see the Japanese Grand Prix didn’t seem like the kind of thing that came round everyday so I figured I would go for it.

The Japanese Grand Prix is held at the Suzuka Circuit. It is one of F1’s most storied circuits making it a highlight of the series for many of the drivers. The course also has an amusement park. It isn’t widely reported but I bet the racers love this too.

After a slight mix up with our tickets (no further details required) we arrived in Suzuka about three hours later than initially planned but still in time to see the beginning of the race.

We speed-walked to our observation area to find a good spot to catch the start of the race. It was a beautiful day to watch the race. The sun was shining bright and I definitely got a bit of that heat I’ve been craving!

So those cars are fast! I know they’re supposed to be but I was very impressed at just how speedy they were! Sometimes it was hard to tell what was going on but the Japanese commentator certainly sounded enthusiastic.

The racers had to do 52 laps of the course. There was a bit of F1 drama at the beginning of the race where Lewis Hamilton’s biggest rival, Sebastian Vettel had spark plug issues and had to pull out. This helped Lewis Hamilton to hold the lead for the majority of the race. He unsurprisingly won the Japanese Grand Prix – a victory for us GB fans watching.

I’m probably not an F1 convert but it was a fun experience and amazing to see the cars zoom by. It was also lovely to sit in the sun all day.

We had dinner back in Kyoto at what was styled a bit like a Japanese diner, called Washoku Sato. This restaurant had another overly high tech method for ordering food. Each table had a tablet which you use to scroll through endless food options and combinations.

After a lot of deliberation (probably much to everyone else’s annoyance) I went for a rice bowl combo. For this I got to choose a couple of different types of small rice bowls and a noodle bowl.

I got a mini ginger simmered beef rice bowl, a mini salmon bowl, seasonal noodles and some unidentifiable pickles. We also got assorted tempura for the table.

It was very tasty! My favourite was definitely the ginger simmered beef. The seasonal noodles were slightly dubious however. They were topped with some kind of white foam which I couldn’t get my head around.

Despite my F1 reservations and the strange white foam, it was a successful day overall!

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