Exploring Phuket Town

The view from the plane as we flew into Phuket really was a sight to behold.

The crystal blue sea mimicked the clear blue skies. Picturesque islands dotted the sea. The sun shone bright and strong. After a hectic few weeks in Japan this is exactly what I was looking for.

Whilst I have been to Thailand before (about 3 years ago as a graduation celebration with my uni friends), this was my first time in Phuket. We spent our first few days here in the province’s charming capital, Phuket Town. This is a historic part of the island often overlooked for the tourist hotspot, Patong. For us, it served as a perfect hideaway to recharge our batteries before exploring a new country.

Exploring the Old Town was a lot of fun. It is full of vivid Sino-Portuguese buildings, old-style shophouses, trendy cafes and museums. It is a truly unique area of Thailand.

I really loved the personality which shone through all the colourful, colonial buildings.

An interesting feature of the Old Town is that the electric cabling, commonly tangled and sparking above pavements, has been hidden away underground. A very uncommon sight in Thailand and certainly one which heightens the charm of this area.

My favourite part of the Old Town has to be Soi Romanee; an intimate lane packed with the most vibrant buildings. It used to be full of brothels and opium dens and served as the area’s red-light district. It has since mellowed into a lovely, stylish, little street full of fashionable cafes and guesthouses.

We really felt the heat as we wandered under Thailand’s sweltering sun on our first day in the country. Cooling down with an iced coffee in one of Soi Romanee’s cafes was the only thing for it.

Later on we came across the infamous hotel from the opening scene of The Beach. It’s apparently been through a lot of renovation recently so (disappointingly) no longer has that same grimy feel portrayed in the movie.

For these sights alone, the Old Town of Phuket Town is definitely worth a little wander!

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