Phang Nga Bay Boat Trip

Phang Nga Bay, also known as Ao Phang Nga National Park, is a bay which lies between Phuket and southern Thailand. It is renowned for its distinctive limestone islands which host dramatic cliffs and sprawling mangrove forests. It also has the added bonus of being located amongst fantastically blue sea and sky.

We explored the bay via a day-long boat tour which stopped off at four of the national park’s top spots.

As we left the port we were each given one of these super cool lifejackets but only until we were out of view of the police. Loving that dedication to safety.

The view was as captivating from the water as it was from the sky.

We cruised through an endless tropical paradise.

The first stop on the tour was Koh Tapu (“Nail Island”). This is better known as “James Bond Island” after the iconic scene in ‘The Man with the Golden Gun’. We were dropped off on an island overlooking Koh Tapu to get a good look.

The island we were on was a warren of intricate caves and craggy rock formations, ideal for scrambling and exploring.

Whilst it was beautiful, the area was absolutely overrun with tourists, slightly taking away the natural beauty and idylic nature of the island (not to sound too much like a hypocrite).

When we re-boarded the boat we were welcomed by the mouthwatering aroma coming from the impressive spread set out for lunch.

I took a selection of everything. Obviously.

I honestly think that soup was the best soup I’ve ever had in my life. Its depth of flavour was so fragrant and spicy. To be fair, all of the food was extremely delicious! It’s particularly impressive that it was all whipped up on the boat.

The back drop that accompanied lunch wasn’t too bad either.

Following this incredibly satisfying meal, we went on a canoe trip around Hong Island.

We passed through some very dramatic caves.

We were then dropped at a second canoeing spot: Panak Island. The natural formation of the island was truly amazing.

The caves on Panak Island were on a whole other level to those at Hong Island (literally).

I was slightly worried about so many canoes fitting through such an enclosed tunnel. However we all made it through to discover a truly beautifully tropical setting.

To end a fantastic trip, the boat stopped off in the middle of the sea so we could all cool off with a spot of swimming.

It was an absolutely breathtaking journey!

5 thoughts on “Phang Nga Bay Boat Trip

    1. It was really great! I can’t remember what the company was called but the tour was called the ‘4 in 1 tour’. There’s loads of travel agents around Phuket so we booked it with one of them when we arrived, there’s usually a lot of tours available. Just make sure you haggle the cost down!

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