Pad Thai and Paddling at Karon Beach

The island of Phuket has a grand total of 36 beautiful beaches, all with soft, white sand and clear, blue sea. Ranging from beaches with restaurants, bars and buzzing nightlife to hidden spots offering ultimate seclusion, there is something to suit everyone. We opted for a beach that presented the best of both worlds: Karon Beach. This is one of Phuket‘s more popular beaches but is big enough that it never feels crowded.

To get to Karon Beach we took the local blue bus from Phuket Town. This is a great option costing only about 20 Baht (~Β£0.50). The journey took around 40 minutes and dropped us off just in time for lunch.

A major factor in our decision to visit Karon was The Pad Thai Shop; a local, modest restaurant rumoured to serve the best pad thai in Phuket, and maybe even the world!

The kitchen is open plan allowing a look behind the scenes. Make sure to keep your eyes peeled for the legendary chef.

The chef at The Pad Thai Shop is so well renowned that there is a massive poster hanging at the back of the restaurant complete with a Lonely Planet extract praising his cooking skills.

We ordered the mandatory pad thai and a beef noodle soup.

Whilst the restaurants namesake was very tasty, the beef noodle soup definitely stole the show. The broth was like nothing I’ve ever tasted before. Extremely flavoursome and utterly delicious. They should think about opening The Beef Noodle Soup Shop.

They also offer a complimentary peppery chicken soup which you have to try!

Satisfied after lunch, we wandered down to the beach.

The beach itself was paradisal, peaceful and picturesque.

The perfect spot to chill out and enjoy the sun.

The tranquil nature of the beach allowed us to claim an undisturbed, serene spot.

The powerful waves crashed into the beach providing endless entertainment and a fun way to stay cool.

After a long, hot day, the most delicious way to cool down, out of the water, was with a fresh, ice cold pineapple smoothie.

The sun began to set as we headed back to Phuket Town. A beautiful view to end a beautiful day.

7 thoughts on “Pad Thai and Paddling at Karon Beach

    1. Those dishes weren’t too hot – they left you to add the heat. I have had some other very fiery food though, they like their spice here. And belly isn’t doing too bad, thanks for asking…


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